RU Go Motive

RU GoMotive

  • Custom workouts and Home Exercise Programs for clients and groups

  • Huge video exercise library

  • Client progress and tracking & feedback system

  • News/Blog bulletin for clients

  • Custom group messaging

RU GoMotive is the Rehab United app that allows Physical Therapist, Performance Coaches, and Wellness team members prescribe and upload customized exercise workouts/home exercise programs onto a clients’ mobile device (app) and the web. The technology links Rehab United and Fit Societe professionals with our clients outside the office giving the next level of care to our clients; further reducing risk of injury, speeding recovery, and connecting you on a personal level to your therapist or coach.

RU GoMotive offers a simple way to stay connected to every client, and gives the client a health and fitness solution to track their progress while meeting personal, training, and rehab goals.

Clients say, “I love how easy my Home Exercise Program is to follow now with the RU GoMotive App, before It was hard to make sure I was doing them correctly and now I just follow along.”


  • *It is free to sign up on the RU website and you will immediately have access to Rehab United news, blogs, and educational videos monthly. Our custom program is our most popular as it allows the individual client to receive individualized video home programming or workouts. (See monthly cost)

  • Active Rehab United Client: HEP program $25/month (updated 1-2 week)

  • Inactive Rehab United Clients: HEP program $35/month (updated 1 x and available for the month after your plan of care is complete.

FIT Societe Clients:

  • Unlimited Membership Add On

  • 2 x week Membership Add On $10

    *Call for more details

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  • GoMotive is HIPAA compliant and ensures privacy by using cloud-based HIPAA-certified server farms and state-of-art encryption techniques.

    GoMotive practitioners that follow our policies can also ensure health-related communications with their patient’s meet HIPAA standards.