Exercise Keeps the Heart Running

Exercise is essential to a healthy heart. With February being Heart Month, it’s the perfect time to talk about a few ways exercise can lower cholesterol, dramatically decrease your risk of heart attack and stroke, and increase your probability of a longer, healthier life. One of the most important topics we hear about when it […]
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Benefits of Massage Therapy for Heart Health

Cardiovascular disease accounts for one in every 3 deaths making it the #1 leading cause of death for both men and women in the United States. While there are many different types of heart disease, the American Heart Association advocates for early prevention strategies to minimize the risk factors associated with all heart conditions. Choosing […]
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Foods that Help the Heart Beat Strong

Without a doubt, exercise has shown to help prevent heart disease and stroke. If you don’t have a regular routine in place, now’s the time to implement one. Now let’s talk about what you’re putting into your mouth each day and some simple tips you can start trying to better support your ticker. BREAKFAST Are […]
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