Our Mission

At Rehab United, Inc., (aka “RU”) our mission is to provide comprehensive functional rehabilitation and strength and conditioning to all populations, including pediatrics, geriatrics, workers compensation, orthopedics and sports rehabilitation. Our Physical Therapy practice is committed to a purely functional, biomechanical approach to evaluation, treatment and education for our clients, professional colleagues and community. Our practice combines multiple disciplines within the same functional philosophy, concept and passion to create a family-like atmosphere for our clients throughout their lifetime.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the foremost experts in functional rehabilitation and strength and conditioning in the San Diego area. Our goal is to separate our scope of practice from the conventional means of rehabilitation while continuing to develop and progress our functional philosophy. Rehab United, Inc. aims to be the most comprehensive rehabilitation facility for clients of any rehabilitation or sports performance need through community programs, continuing education seminars, camps, nutrition, injury prevention and maintenance to keep our community safe and healthy.