FIT Societe

Creating functional, comprehensive training programs for all of life’s athletes.

FIT Societe creates functional and comprehensive training programs for any athlete in any sport of life. We believe EVERYONE is an athlete whether you’re an elite triathlete or a civil engineer that just wants to be fit. Our certified strength coaches ensure success by training the body the way it was intended to move and creating strategies that improve movement patterns, not just individual muscles. Join us at any of our four facilities for weekly strength training and injury prevention classes, one-on-one personal training, and regular education seminars. FIT Societe is centered around group training while maintaining individualized coaching and development within those classes. FIT Societe has over 30 classes/week at 3 of our 4 facilities. FIT Societe workouts will challenge you like never before! Click on the boxes to learn more about each service.

Our Fitness Philosophy
Our training begins with and is fully based on the principles and core truths of Applied Functional Science®. Applied Functional Science® is a holistic foundation of thought rooted in physical, biological and behavioral sciences that enable us to best evaluate human body movement and how to maximize our capabilities. For example, we believe in training our bodies to move as they are designed to move, in 3D. We train in three dimensions to make sure your key muscle groups and joints move easily in all three planes of motion (front to back, side to side and rotationally) with more efficiency to allow safe and effective strength and endurance gains that translate to motor skill acquisition and development, improved functional tasks, activities of daily living and more advanced physical fitness At FIT Societe we have built both individual and group training programs based on these truths. We take these key principles and create strategies that feed the techniques you will experience daily in our program. At FIT Societe we design a workout of the day based on principles such as functional strength, anaerobic power, injury prevention, mobility, stability with a load, and a gamete of other important training focuses. Each of these workouts can be scaled to allow each individual to safely train with the group, meet their individual goals, and progress appropriately. As a result, the programs create an environment for rehabilitation, training, conditioning and performance through 3 dimensional functional movement patterns, chain reaction biomechanics, neuromuscular coordination, and team supported encouragement. The overall goal is to train and discipline the whole person in the facility so they may fully maximize their abilities outside of the facility.
FIT Societe Offers:
  • 1st WEEK FREE!
  • Over 30 CLASSES per week at 3 of our facilities
  • Coaches with medical and Applied Functional Science® training
  • Referral program – earn FREE months by referring your friends
  • Discounts on Massage, Personal Training and Nutrition
  • “KICK STARTER PACK” – A sampler package to try out a variety of our services
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