Group Training

FIT Societe Group Training

FIT Societe WOD (workout of the day)

A scalable workout for the general population/membership designed to vary daily yet maintaining the principles of functional movement. Clients of all ages are appropriate for this class which includes functional exercises for strength, coordination, balance and mobility. Our WOD includes daily education, proper warm-up, triplane mobility, cardiovascular fitness, strength and endurance training and injury prevention in a safe, but fun and energetic environment. This class is designed to provide the client with an introduction to functional movements and loading mechanics in whether you are starting an exercise program, transitioning from physical therapy or returning to fitness from past injuries.

FIT Societe Performance (FSP)

FSP is our highest level class designed to push elite athletes/individuals to their maximal performance threshold. In order to participate in FSP, you must prove a high level of strength, power, coordination, balance and stability. This is the only class you must be cleared by a coach first in order to participate. FSP will include a number of power movements with a mix of both dynamic and max effort days combining a variety of movements, tasks, and environmental factors. Classes will be constantly varied and will not allow the body to adapt to one style of exercising which requires each individual to be at a higher level of function than our entry level class. If you are interested in FSP classes please contact one of our coaches at any FSP class location.

Group Training Pricing

Group Training Membership Pricing Options

Price per month Savings per year
Drop-In $20
FIT Societe "Kick Starter"* $129 $321
Unlimited**: No Commitment $169
Unlimited**: 6 Month Commitment w/ Auto Renewal $149 $120
Unlimited**: 12 Month Commitment w/ Auto Renewal $129 $360
Unlimited**: Military, Fire, Police 3 Month Commitment w/ Auto Renewal $129 $120

*FIT Societe "KICK STARTER" includes:

  • 3 Weeks Unlimited Classes & GoMotive App
  • 30-Minute Nutrition Consult
  • 30-Minute Massage
  • 1 Semi-private class


  • 15% off Massage or Acupuncture
  • Free 15 Minute Injury Screens (by appointment only)
  • Referrals (up to 4 per year, free month if referral signs up for 3 month commitment)


FIT PACK Pricing Options

Price per month
Drop-In* $20
SENIOR Drop-In** 15
Monthly Unlimited FIT PACK*** $169
2X/WEEK FIT PACK**** $129
10 CLASS FIT PACK***** $160


  • 7 Day Expiration Period


  • Age 55+ Only
  • 7 Day Expiration Period


  • Unlimited Access to Group Classes at ALL Locations
  • 30 Day Expiration Period


  • 8 Sessions per Month
  • 30 Day Expiration Period


  • 10 Sessions
  • 60 Day Expiration Period
Can I try out FIT SOCIETE classes before signing up for a membership?

Our open door policy allows you to spend one week for free trying as many classes as you would like. As well we have the FitSociete’ Kick Starter program for only $99. This 3 Week program is a chance for you to see how much you can gain from joining the FitSociete’ cRUw. The Kick Starter includes 3 weeks of unlimited small group training, 2 Semi Private sessions, 1 Nutrition Consultation and a 30 min Soft Tissue Massage. There is no better way to see if FitSociete’ is for you and to meet our team and see all that Rehab United and FitSociete have to offer.

Do Memberships have an On Hold Policy?

We understand that you have busy lives, unexpected items, and family time that is important. We offer to all our members a 30-day hold on membership throughout the year. So when you take vacations, business travel, experience major sickness or injury we are sensitive to those needs. As well, we truly value our members’ investment into FitSociete’ and we want you to get the most benefit from your membership. Members may request up to 30 hold days in a year. Additional holds may be placed for a $35 fee.