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One-on-One Training provides an unparalleled atmosphere for personal training and injury prevention programs. Our veteran coaches ensure success by training the body the way it was intended to move and provide comprehensive, purposeful training to all populations.

Regardless of your sport (we believe life is a sport), your body functions best when it is fit and trained. This program is designed to meet your individual goals to allow you to enjoy life to the fullest. Through One-on-One training the coach is able to use biomechanical chain reaction knowledge to assess all movement patterns in order to regain proper loading mechanics. This program is individualized and may include a variety of tools to reach your fitness goals including soft tissue therapy as needed.

Staff and patients at Rehab United are active outside the clinic in many areas. We participate in many adult and youth related sports including soccer, baseball, running, triathlon and rugby. Many of our staff members are passionate for giving their time to other local charities including Challenged Athletes Foundation and the RU Fit For Life Foundation.

We have been involved with the National Multiple Sclerosis Society and their Bay to Bay Tour since 2005! This particular annual event has brought RU staff, patients and community members together to train and enjoy a beautiful coastal ride.

Please contact us if you are interested in joining our team in upcoming events or have suggestions for future activities.


Team Rehab United (affectionately known as BIKE MS cRUw) had our heart strings tugged over 10 years ago while having dinner with some friends discussing how we as a company could get more involved and make a difference in the lives of some of our patients that had Multiple Sclerosis. We knew we loved riding bikes and that we could get behind a cause that had us pedaling for the right reasons. Our team grew from 6 to 40+ and our fundraising dollars have been over $200,000 to date!

The ride has not only allowed us to do the basic company fundraising for a cause and annual team building for our staff. It has allowed an intimate opportunity outside of work for the owners to really get to know the hearts and spirits of the ever growing RU staff. We’ve seen first hand the power of love, respect, inspiration, drive, and altruism at its best. We have been so involved that Rehab United wanted to give more, therefore we became the official Walk MS, MS Rockstars, and Bike MS coaching/training/fitness provider for all events. We want to reach as many people as we can, let them know how important this cause is and that their collective efforts really are making a difference in not only the research to find a cause, but in improving the lives right now of our friends with MS.

Finally, in our 10 years of riding, walking, and running we have learned a universal theme. Most people diagnosed with MS wait a long time before they tell anyone other than family that they have MS. We found that this is a must CHANGE initiative. We need more people riding, walking, running to let all of the MS community know we are here to make a difference, that they are so important in this fight, and that we are your team members, friends, family, and we will go to battle with you and for you!


We love riding with our veteran and new RU Team Riders as well as other Bike MS teams. We will provide a variety of route options with progressive mileage and challenge in preparation for the event. These rides are for riders of all levels and are “no drop” rides. Rehab United will be hosting rides from our RU2 – Carmel Valley location again on the following Saturdays before the ride in October:

  • 9/3/16
  • 9/17/16 (right before the RU Bike MS Fundraiser FAMILY FAIR)
  • 10/2/16

    Interested in making a donation to support a specific RU Bike MS Team Member? OR are you interested in making a donation to the team? CLICK HERE to go to our team page to make a donation.


    Interested in joining the cause want to help us Bike to Finish MS? Join the RU Bike MS cRUw in the Bike MS Bay to Bay Tour October 22-23, 2016. This will be Rehab United’s 11th year doing the ride! Last year we raised over $16,000 and Rehab United has raised over $200,000 to date! For more information on joining our team, please fill out the contact form below.