RU Nutrition


Rehab United and FIT Societe now offers nutrition consultations and nutrition coaching packages. For most, exercise alone doesn’t shed the extra pounds, put on lean muscle mass, or move the needle on performance. To optimize progress you have to combine your workouts with changes in your nutrition. When you meet with our Certified Sports Dietitian you’ll receive the tools and support to create a fueling plan unique to you and your goals.


One-on-One Coaching Sessions

  • We’ll identify the areas in your current eating patterns and lifestyle that’s slowing your progress and make the adjustments that move the number on the scale or improve recovery and energy levels.

  • Prior to the session the client will be asked to keep a 3 day food journal and complete a nutrition questionnaire. During the session we’ll talk in detail about your health goals, lifestyle, training schedule and review your food journal. We will discuss what we can improve in your diet, adjust accordingly, and where there may be any nutrient deficiencies. We will also talk about any obstacles or barriers that may come up while making these new dietary changes and effective strategies to overcome them.

  • Nutrition and Performance Fueling Guide

  • We design an individualized fueling protocol specific to your lifestyle and health goals so you can start chipping seconds off that PR or inches around your waist.

  • A fueling plan based on their lifestyle, health goals, and food preferences that from the information gathered in the consult. It will outline how to build meals specifically for the health or performance goal they want to achieve along with some meal ideas/recipes.

  • Nutrition Pricing

    Our Certified Sports Dietitian, Suzanne Smith, RD, CSSD, evaluates each client individually, providing education, customized program design and the tools and support to create a fueling plan unique to you and your goals.

    Single Sessions

    30-Minute Phone Consultation (*Limit 1 per person) FREE*
    30-Minute In-Person Consultation $50
    90-Minute In-Person Consultation (Includes One 30-minute follow-up) $150


    Nutrition Consult FIT Package 1* $500
    *Includes: (1) 90-Min In-Person Consultation + (6) 30-Min In-Person Follow-Ups
    Nutrition Consult FIT Package 2** $720
    **Includes: (10) 60-Min In-Person Consultations