Kristi Douglas LMT, CPT

Massage Therapist

Structural Integration Practitioner
Certified Personal Trainer

RU2 - Carmel Valley


EDUCATION: B.A. in Communications - University of San Diego, 1993; Massage Therapy with a concentration in Structural Integration - International Professional School of Bodywork (IPSB), 2016

SPORTS: Triathlon, mountain biking, hiking, skiing, paddle boarding

HOBBIES: Volunteering for Habitat for Humanity, playing with her kids, triathlon, drinking coffee at her favorite café, running, or riding with friends

FAVORITE FOODS: Burritos, Thai curries, banana bread


FUN FACT ABOUT YOU: I use the word Thingamajig in place of any word I can't remember.


A San Diego native, Kristi is a graduate from the International Professional School of Bodywork. As an Ironman athlete, her unique style fuses powerful deep tissue techniques with soothing Swedish flow in addition to specific sports massage and structural integration bodywork. Her intuitive approach coupled with a strong knowledge base of the body delivers a very satisfying and therapeutic result.

Outside of work and when she’s not training for a race, Kristi enjoys spending time with her two young kids Jack and Lola. They enjoy time at the beach, hiking Torrey Pines and mountain biking in the local canyons. At home, Kristi is an avid baker. Kristi was drawn to Rehab United because of the emphasis on a well-rounded whole body approach to improved performance, health and recovery. She is excited to join the RU team and looks forward to meeting you soon!